Something stirs beneath the mountain

Iron Goblin is a new game studio in Edmonton 🍁

We’re a digital-first remote/hybrid studio shaped around a healthy work/life balance that loves to explore new ideas and technologies so we can craft exciting new experiences for players across the world.

Sounds of marching come from below

Fantasy and role-playing is in our blood

From tabletop adventures to immersive digital worlds. The joy of sharing in an adventure with friends through characters we craft and the stories we experience together.

We’re using those experiences to help redefine the cooperative RPG, bringing creative expression to players and giving them the means to tell their own stories in an excitingly social fantasy realm.

A well planned ambush brings victory

A Studio built by developers for developers

We’re building Iron Goblin around a healthy work/life balance, knowing that creativity, like mana, needs constant replenishment.

With that, we’re embracing a 4-day workweek and a digital-first remote/hybrid studio setup so that family, social time, and hobbies can help keep the mana topped up and the creativity flowing into making the greatest games possible.

Adventure awaits